Warehousing management

New Hub NVOCC Experts can offer complete management of terminals, and this includes warehousing, stock management, distribution and door delivery. Our management at this important part of the process generates operational and commercial differentials which are unique to the market.


Air Freight Management

New Hub NVOCC Experts has its Air Cargo Experts division, 100% neutral, which mission is to provide logistics solutions through the international air modal exclusively for Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers and Customs clearance agents. Our Experts, working in Europe, Asia and the USA can handle any type of load, from general cargo to motor vehicles, heavy industrial machinery and lifesaving supplies such as medicines, etc. Our services include:

  1. Technology applied to the monitoring of your cargo;;

  2. Deconsolidation and documents & cargo handling/split with daily checking in airports;

  3. Real-time tracking;

  4. Freight collection on behalf of the agent at the origin;;

  5. Transfer of cargo to bonded warehouses;

  6. Guarantee of Money transfer to origin (air freight and taxes).


FCL Maritime Cargo Management

  • Acting with neutrality and ethics, we offer Freight Forwarders FCL/FCL shipments in the Far East, Australia and Europe trades for both imports and exports.

  • Our worldwide group allows us to operate with legitimacy offering the best options of maritime services through the main operating shipping players in the market..


Management of LCL sea cargo

New Hub NVOCC Experts is skilled in sea cargo consolidation (LCL moves). Through our global network present in five continents and through New Hub Service platform we offer weekly sailings for both imports and exports. Operating our own consolidation services, we provide the most suitable integrated logistics solutions for your company.



We consolidate your cargo from Asia and Europe with destination to our Hub in the port of Santos, the largest port in the southern hemisphere, from where other ports are serviced. We can handle the whole logistics chain, from cargo pick-up up to warehouse reception, overseas consolidation, warehousing and deconsolidation in Brazil with the possibility of door cargo delivery at the location defined by the partner customers (Freight Forwarders) through the Last Mile service.


With regular departures through the Hub in Santos, we consolidate cargo from Brazil to the Far East and Europe.


The Last Mile is a term used to define the moment when cargo leaves a distribution centre to follow to its destination. In other words, the last mile is the last stretch of the trip of the cargo before it reaches customers’ doors. For us, last mile will be the moment the cargo leaves the bonded port area to our customers’ warehouse.


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